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Screenshot of practice... 1 by No2Spenncil Screenshot of practice... 1 by No2Spenncil
Soooo. I've always admired :icondragon-shark:. Throughout my entire DeviantArt existence, she has been one of my favorite artists. The detail, the characters, everything she puts out is... Wow. Every piece has me with art boner. So I tried to take a page from her, and draw one of the most beautiful characters I've ever known-- Which is hers-- Comi! I hope I didn't fuck up too badly, because I am still with sick-brain. Hairless Comi is probably my favorite of the two variations, and just the fact that she has a hairless version of Comi... Unf!
I want to start adding in  more detail, as well as work more on shoulders, arms, placement, and perspective. It's a long journey, but I want to show my lovelies I am still arting, despite being so busy with family and work...
dragon-shark Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2015  Student General Artist
Ok ok ok ok, so like, I came on devi NOT expecting anything at all, obviously, bu as I go through my deviations i fucking come across this piece right here right?? Like, I was like "huh this looks like Comi [like an idiot] and then I just flipped!!

 Dude dude, your description SERIOUSLY fucking touched me, like damn. I am so happy you like my work and so happy you like hairless Comi as much as I do...Like dude, seriously. It touches me so much, especially considering you got some awesome fucking artwork dude. I was annoying my roomies with the squeeks I was making Ahhhh thank you so much, this is soooo fucking sweet <333 It's so fucking excellent!!!!
No2Spenncil Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2015  Student General Artist
Shiiiiiit, a month and a half late in replying, but yay! ;w; You deserve lots more fluffy fan art, you awesome person you!!
That description is true, too, but there was a loooot more I could have said but I didn't want to sound like a desperate fangirl drooling all over my keyboard... xAx I've been following your art since I found you quite the time ago..! (So nervous to grovel comment to comment though, so I did an art thingy.) I  meant to do one sooner, buuut as you can see, I'm a terrible, terrible procrastinator. xD;;;  I'm happy you like it so far. ;w; You're one of my greatest inspirations on dA (And FA, and tumblr...) . You, your characters... Goodness, all terrific. <3 I'm always excited to see new work from you, I can't wait to see what else you do! :heart:
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March 6, 2015
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